Spice blend

Dukkah is a traditional Egyptian condiment which generally consists of a mixture of herbs, nuts (usually hazelnut), and spices. It is typically used as a dip with bread or fresh vegetables for an hors d'œuvre/simple starter.⁠

The word 'dukkah', or 'duqqa' is derived from the Arabic "to pound", since the mixture of spices and nuts is pounded together after being dry roasted to a texture that is neither powdered nor paste-like. ⁠

Reference to a 19th-century text lists marjoram, mint, zaatar and chickpeas as further ingredients that can be used in the mixture, and some modern variants include pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, or sunflower seeds.⁠

Try with our fantastic recipe using your home made dukkah and new potatoes, available in Recipes on our website.

Prep time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 10-15mins
Serves: 4


  • 130g Hazelnuts ⁠
  • 130g Sunflower Seeds⁠
  • 30g Sesame Seeds⁠
  • 10g Sesame Black⁠
  • 20g Fennel Seeds ⁠
  • 14g Coriander ⁠
  • 14g Cumin ⁠
  • 7g Sea Salt ⁠


  1. Toast seeds whole, toast sunflower and sesame and hazelnuts in the oven.⁠
  2. Add all ingredients to blender with salt and pulse until desirable texture achieved. ⁠
  3. Larger chunks of hazelnuts are desirable. ⁠