No Added Sugar Summer Pudding

No Added Sugar Summer Pudding

Healthy twist on a summer classic!

Serves: 4


Prep.time: 15 Minutes


Cooking Time: 10 Minutes + overnight resting time!

This recipe works with


450g (1lb) strawberries

450g (1lb) raspberries

Three tbsp honey + tbsp of Follain No Added Sugar Jam

Several slices of thick white bread


  1. Wash and hull your strawberries and raspberries. Place them in a large pan with your honey and jam and stir gently until some of the juices are released.
  2. Turn the heat on low and continue to stir. Do not let the fruit boil but do allow the honey to melt properly. Remove from the heat.
  3. Take a large pudding basin or bowl. Line the edges tightly with your sliced white bread, overlapping to ensure there are no gaps at all. Gently spoon your fruit mixture in. Take another slice of bread (or more if you are using a large bowl) and lay it on the top, so none of the fruit can be seen.
  4. Take a plate that fits neatly inside the top of the bowl, and press it down and in. Weigh the plate down and put your bowl into the fridge.
  5. Leave overnight. Remove the pudding from the fridge well before you intend to eat it. Carefully turn it out. When ready to serve, slice and place into bowls. This dish is delicious with whipped cream or frozen yoghurt.

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